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In the early summer of 1955, Samuel H. Poston, an Emory University student was assigned by the conference to make a survey of the community and he reported that there was a need for a church in  our area.   Groups of interested families met together in Magistrate RIsher's office, now Hay Oil Company, and then in an old airplane hangar in Air Harbor.  On August 17, 1955 our church was organized and chartered as St. Mark Methodist Church.  December 5, 1955 St. Mark expressed a desire to occupy 2.4 acres and a 6 room home facing Geddes Ave.   December 23, 1956 the first services were held at our newly acquired church buildings.  We've undergone many renovations and new building projects over the years and are proud to remain a constant in the Dupont Station Neighborhoods.  We love our community!